‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 1 Finale ‘A Land Without Magic’ Sneak Peeks: Will Emma Believe?

Once Upon a Time season 1 comes to an end on Sunday with the finale, “A Land Without Magic.” Henry bit the apple turnover Regina intended for Emma and is now in a coma. Will they be able to save him? Will this be what makes Emma believe?

OUaT Season 1 Episode 22 “A Land Without Magic” Sneak Peeks

Jennifer Morrison cropAs the promo shows, there’s a strong chance they could be losing Henry in this episode. Things aren’t looking good for August either. However, though Emma and Regina both care about Henry and are clearly going to be worried, there is going to be a confrontation between them. What else does the season finale bring?

The first Once Upon a Time season finale sneak peek (below) shows Henry being brought into the hospital and Emma begging him to wake up. She shows the apple turnover to Dr. Whale and tells him she thinks he was poisoned. However the doctor’s not seeing any signs of that and asks if there’s anything else. She empties Henry’s backpack and as she looks at his book, she says it’s “like magic.” Is this going to be when she starts to believe? It’s beginning to look like it, especially combined with the shot of Emma with a sword in the promo.

In the second “A Land Without Magic” clip (below), you have to love that Mary is reading the story of Prince Charming waking Snow White with a kiss to Henry as he lays unconscious. She explains she gave him the book because she knows there aren’t always happy endings in life. Will there be a “happily ever after” for Henry, or is he going to die in the season finale? That would be a bold move for the series, but it could also be what spurs Emma into taking the responsibility she needs to.

What do you think of the Once Upon a Time season 1 finale sneak peeks from “A Land Without Magic”?

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