‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Episode 2 Sneak Peeks: David’s Determined to Find His Family

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Once Upon a Time season 2 continues Sunday with episode 2, “We Are Both,” which will see David have to balance the town looking to him to be their leader with trying to find a way to bring his wife and daughter home.

OUaT Season 2 Episode 2 “We Are Both” Sneak Peeks

"We Are Both" Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABCThe first new clip (below) shows Emma and Mary in fairytale land—and they haven’t exactly been welcomed. They’re prisoners, and though Mary tries to find them an escape, Mulan takes her down and Emma runs to her mother’s side. Mulan says to take them to the pit. Mary may be back in fairytale land, but these are not fun times for her. As the premiere showed, Mulan blames them for what happened to Phillip; will the upcoming appearance of Lancelot, who has a past with Snow, be what helps them?

The second “We Are Both” sneak peek (below) shows David practicing his speech for the town, and though it’s not going well, Henry tells him to keep going. The problem is he did the fighting and Snow did the talking. When Henry sees the hat, he recognizes it as the Mad Hatter’s, but he doesn’t know who that is in Storybrooke. Henry suggests he see if he checked in at the crisis center, and David tells him he’ll be back. Henry’s left to follow him into the hall with: “Gramps, you gotta use me, come on. The curse was broken because of me.” It’s nice to see these two together, but it’s bittersweet; the family is apart, and you can’t help but wonder how long it’s going to be until they’re together again.

In the third OUaT season 2 episode 2 clip (below), David tries to get some help from Jefferson. He noticed that he has stuff for a little girl and deduces he has a daughter. David does too, and he’s going to get her and his wife back. While Jefferson knows they’re in the Enchanted Forest, he says it doesn’t matter since they can’t get there. However, David’s willing to threaten to throw him into a cell until he figures out a way. Will Jefferson be key to getting them back? Could Henry talking to him about reuniting with his daughter in episode 3, “Lady of the Lake,” be what he needs?

What do you think of the latest Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 2 sneak peeks from “We Are Both”?

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

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