‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Episode 6 ‘Tallahassee’ Preview: Emma’s Past, the Giant

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Once Upon a Time season 2 continues next week with episode 6, “Tallahassee,” which will explore more about Emma’s past and introduce Lost‘s Jorge Garcia as the Giant.

OUaT Season 2 Episode 6 “Tallahassee” Promo

With the hopes of finding a magical compass that could help her and Mary Margaret get back to Storybrooke, Emma takes a journey with a not-too-trustworthy Captain Hook up a treacherous beanstalk in an attempt to steal the item from a murderous giant (Jorge Garcia, “Lost”). Meanwhile, Emma’s past is revealed to be anything but magical when she meets up with a fellow thief who wants to make an honest woman out of her.”

"Tallahassee" Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABCHook may have told them about the compass in “The Doctor,” but that doesn’t mean they can trust him. However, they can’t risk not following up on this, so it’s of course it’s going to be Emma and Hook going for the compass; who else would it be? Will this be the first step towards them finding their way home (and Hook finding his way to revenge)? Also coming up in this episode is more about Emma’s past—and a familiar face is part of it.

The Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 6 promo for “Tallahassee” (below) shows scenes of Emma in the past and present. In the past, an officer arrests her for possession of stolen goods—and you get to see just how she obtained that yellow bug of hers. Meanwhile, in the present, Emma and Hook head up the beanstalk to pay the Giant a visit—and he’s going to be none-too-happy to see them at the top. Will they get the compass? Could Cora have gotten there first? How will they get past the Giant and get their hands on what they need if it’s still there?

Michael Raymond-James is back in this episode, as seen in the photo below, and he’s part of Emma’s past. He also gets a name this episode—Neal Cassady—and of course the big question is whether he’s Henry’s father. Whoever he is, after what happened in the premiere, will he be reuniting with Emma in the present in Storybrooke, assuming he makes his way there with the curse broken and she gets back from fairytale land?

"Tallahassee" Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

What do you think of the Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 6 preview of “Tallahassee”?

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

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