‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Episode 8 Clips: Hook’s Betrayal, Cora’s Captive

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Once Upon a Time season 2 continues Sunday with episode 8, “Into the Deep,” after a week without a new episode, and the quest to get Emma and Mary back home is still ongoing. Will the shared dreams of Aurora and Henry hold the key? Will they be able to make sure Cora doesn’t find her way to Storybrooke?

OUaT Season 2 Episode 8 “Into the Deep” Sneak Peeks

"Into the Deep" Photo: Jack Rowand/ABCThere are three new clips out, and the first (below) shows Cora finding Hook and commenting on his betrayal. However, he says he was going to bring the compass to her and still plans to go to Storybrooke with her. He’s going to get the compass back, and he won’t be bested again. But he has to face the consequences of his actions. He’s not worried though and asks if she’s going to kill him, telling her, “Go ahead, try.” Was Hook really going to bring her the compass all along or is he just once again looking out for himself and trying to stick with whoever is around at the time? He can’t be trusted, that’s for sure.

In the second Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 8 sneak peek (below), Aurora confirms she saw Henry in her dream after Emma shows her a photo. That’s when Mary says it wasn’t a dream. She’s been in that room, and while Aurora’s focused on the fact that she didn’t tell her, Mary explains it has to be the sleeping curse and tells Emma it’s going to be okay. Could she be having the same thought that David has in another sneak peek that was released? He did say that she would be there if he went under…

The third “Into the Deep” clip (below) shows that Cora has captured Aurora, but she’s not the target. Instead, Cora’s planning to trade her for the compass because she knows what Snow and Emma are like. They won’t let an innocent die. “We shall see,” Aurora tells her. What will happen next? How will they rescue Aurora and keep Cora from getting the compass? Cora is right; they won’t just leave Aurora there. However, they also know they can’t let Cora get her hands on the compass. It’s definitely going to be tricky.

What do you think of these Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 8 sneak peeks?

Photo: Jack Rowand/ABC

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