‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Episode 9 Clips: Regina and Hook, Planning, and a Message

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Once Upon a Time season 2 is airing its midseason finale on Sunday with episode 9, “Queen of Hearts,” and the quest to get to Storybrooke is heating up. But who will come through the portal? Three new clips are out teasing what’s to come.

OUaT Season 2 Episode 9 “Queen of Hearts” Sneak Peeks

"Into the Deep" Photo: Jack Rowand/ABCThe first new clip (below) shows Hook telling Belle he’s there to rescue her, but he’s not. Once she tells him she doesn’t know how to kill Rumple, nor would she, he knocks her out. Regina stops him from killing her and takes his hook. She knows who he is, why he’s there, and “all about the crocodile you wish to skin,” and tells him she can help him kill Rumple. Based on the episode description, it sounds like this is why he’s heading to Wonderland in the fairytale land that was.

The second OUaT season 2 episode 9 sneak peek (below) shows Regina telling Mr. Gold there’s been no change in David—and there won’t be until Mary returns to give him true love’s kiss. However, Gold points out she’s being optimistic regarding who will come through the portal. They don’t know that Emma and Mary got their message, and they need to prepare themselves since Cora could be the one who come through. And that’s likely the beginning of their plan that will kill anyone who enters the portal.

The third “Queen of Hearts” clip (below) shows Emma, Mary, Mulan, and Aurora heading to Rumple’s cell and Mary reminiscing about him telling them Emma would be the savior. However, they can’t find what they need, but Aurora takes out a piece of paper and says it’s a message for Emma. What does it say? And how will this end for Mulan and Aurora? Emma and Mary are going to be fighting Hook and Cora to get through that portal, but where will this leave Mulan and Aurora?

What do you think of the Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 9 clips from “Queen of Hearts”?

Photo: Jack Rowand/ABC

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