‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Premiere Episode Recap: Broken

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Magic has come to Storybrooke and Once Upon a Time fans are excited to have their favorite fairytale characters back for yet another exciting season. The beginning of this episode was a bit confusing with an unknown character running through the big city and into his apartment. Only when the dove shows up with a postcard that says ‘Broken’ on one side and ‘Storybrooke’ on the other, that it looks like someone has sent the message that the curse has finally been broken.

In fairytale land, Prince Phillip arrives to awaken Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, with a kiss. Their land is now desolate since the curse Regina bestowed on them 28 years ago. Phillip’s companion, a masked person, stands by as he tells his love that they will restore the castle and have their dream of living happily ever after. But not just yet, as a thing called the wraith starts attacking the prince. He fights the creature off, but not before he knocks off the talisman and ends up getting ‘marked.’ Once someone gets marked, the wraith comes after you and eats away at your soul. It seemed to be a bit scary for younger fans and was certainly the dark side of the show.

Back in Storybrooke, viewers have eagerly awaited the scene where the curse is gone and now everyone remembers everything. Snow finally recognizes her daughter, Emma. “You found us,” Snow tells her as she fondly looks at her baby girl that she tucked safely away 28 years ago. Henry comes up to David/Charming and calls him grandpa. It was a touching reunion as they fell into a group hug. However, Emma is still stunned by the whole ordeal and is a bit shy about embracing this new relationship between her and the parents she has been looking for her whole life.

After Rumple/Mr. Gold had broken the curse, Belle tells him the story of how Regina abducted her and locked her up. Belle just wants to be together with Rumple but he is not done with Regina. He has the talisman hidden in a box and knows what he wants to do with it.

Dr. Whales is out to kill Regina and gets the help fo the town to go after her. Henry begs Emma not to hurt Regina because she is still his mom. Emma, Snow and Charming convince them to lock her up instead. Rumple visits her in jail as he grabs Regina’s hand and marks her palm with the talisman. That can’t be good for the evil queen.

Switching over to fairyland, the mask is taken off the mysterious rider to reveal the female warrior, Mulan. Aurora is not happy to see another female in her prince’s life. Phillip finally realizes that he has been marked and sets off to sacrifice himself to save his princess. Mulan wants to go after him and that is when Aurora sees that she is also in love with Phillip. The girls find the prince and Mulan offers to mark herself so he can be with his true love, but he wouldn’t let her. As they watch, the wraith comes for him. He is now dead.

In Storybrooke, Snow wants to talk to her daughter. She wants to be the mother she always wanted to be. Snow explains to Emma that she would also have been cursed if they had not hidden her. Emma says, “But at least we would have been together. Which curse is worse?”

The three of them head to talk to Mr. Gold. He admits that he brought magic to town. Emma and her parents follow the wraith to the jail cell where Regina is and finds it attacking her. They fight it off with fire. Actually, Snow fought it off. It is refreshing to see her character change from a meek Mary Margaret to a feisty princess.

Regina realizes that the magic hat would work by pulling the wraith into the void of fairytale land. She pulls it out and frantically tries to get it to work while the others are to fighting it off. It’s not working! That is until Emma touches Regina and lo and behold, the hat starts swirling. Magic has indeed come to town and maybe Emma has some of her own! Unfortunately, Emma gets sucked into the portal pushing Regina out of harm’s way. Snow is devastated and jumps in after her. Charming tries go after them but the portal closes up and he is left with the two women gone. Charming is furious as he throws Regina against the wall. She then uses magic to throw him against the wall and vines start to enclose him. In walks Henry to find his mom, the evil queen, trying to kill his grandpa. She tells him what happened to Emma and Snow. She says that she loves him but he told her the only way to prove that is to get the girls back from the portal. Until then, he wants nothing to do with her. Charming says that Henry will stay with him as he takes his grandson home. Charming promises Henry that he will find them.

Belle sees her chipped cup that Rumple has kept all this time. He tells her that he is still a monster and she must go. Belle surprised him by saying, “That is why I must stay.” Will she regret it?

Mulan convinces Aurora that they must now travel to a safe haven. As they are talking, they hear a rustling sound coming from under some rubble. They find Emma and Snow unconscious. Mulan says that now she knows where the wraith came from and who killed the prince.

What is in store for Emma and Snow? Will Charming keep his promise to Henry? Does Emma really have magic? There are so many questions in just the first episode.

What is your take on the premiere episode of Once Upon a Time?

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