‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Recap: In the Name of the Brother

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This week on Once Upon a Time, Belle doesn’t remember who Gold is and she is frantic after he uses magic to heal her gunshot. There is more backstory with Dr. Whale and an outsider crashes into Storybrooke.

As Belle lies in Gold’s arms, he uses magic to heal her gunshot wound but she freaks out when she sees what he has done. Hook, Belle and the mystery driver are rushed to the hospital. As Emma, Snow, Charming, Ruby and Grumpy gather to wait, they talk about the consequences of this outsider witnessing any magic before the crash. Gold is desperate to get his love back and tries the true love’s kiss but all it got him was his girl screaming at him to get out. Emma visits Hook, who is hookless at the moment. He flirts with Emma and is gloating on taking away Gold’s girl, just like Gold did with him. Emma points out that while he is lying there in the bed handcuffed, Gold is on his feet, has magic and Hook just hurt his girl. Emma says, “If I were to pick Dead Guy of the Year, I’d pick you.”

The stranger’s cell phone is ringing and no one wants to answer it. Emma hacks into the phone but it looks like this guy is normal. Gold won’t use his magic to help save the stranger’s life so Charming tells Whale, who has been drinking, to save the guy’s life by operating. Unfortunately, Whale books out of the hospital. He is found on the dock by Ruby. She talks some sense into him after their ‘monster’ talk. He can’t be all that bad because as Ruby points out, she ate her boyfriend!

Cora shows up to visit the crocodile, aka Gold. She bargains with a white globe that will supposedly help him find his son. All she wants out of it is to get her daughter back. They call a truce and seal it with a kiss. Who knew those two were that close? Meanwhile, Cora invades Regina’s house. Next thing you know, Henry is calling out to Regina where she is hiding out beneath the crypt. Only it is not her boy but her mother in disguise. Regina finally meets her mother in Storybrooke. Cora apologizes to her daughter saying that she understands why she tried to kill her and that she still loves her. Regina is out to clear her name and convinces her mother to reveal that it was her that ‘killed’ Archie. On the way there, Cora tells Regina that she doesn’t really have Henry at all with Emma and her parents around. Regina admits that she just wants her son back. Her mother tells her that together they can do just that. Unfortunately, Regina falls for it and is soon in her mother’s embrace.

Whale ends up saving the outsider’s life, so Emma goes in alone to question him about what he saw before the accident. He admits that he was texting and saw nothing. Emma is relieved and leaves the room. He grabs his phone and calls the ‘Her’ that has been trying to call him and tells her that she won’t believe what he saw.

Gold is still trying to bring back Belle’s memories so he hands her the beloved chipped cup. Belle is frustrated enough to hurl ‘chip’ against the wall, smashing it into pieces. Gold is broken as well and leaves. He ends up locating his son with the gift Cora gave him. He heads to Emma and tells her to pack her bag because she is going with him as she still owes him that ‘favor.’ He warns Snow and Charming that if any harm comes to Belle while they are gone, he will kill all of them.

In fairytale land…well, it’s not part of fairytale land as Henry pointed out…but viewers do get to find out how why Victor Frankenstein, aka Dr. Whale, created a monster. His father dotes on his younger brother Gerhardt, giving him a special timepiece as a gift, which he still had in Storybrooke. The good doctor has been called into military commission which will pull him away from his work in his lab. Rumple wants to save the day by striking one of his ‘deals.’ He wants to know how to bring back life in exchange for lots of gold that he dumps in front of Victor.

Victor is out digging for a body to bring back but is stopped by his brother. They run after being caught and Gerhardt is shot and killed, which conveniently provides a body to use. He failed to bring his brother back but then Rumple tells him that he knows where he can get a spanking new heart…Regina’s fine collection of hearts. That seemed to work as Gerhardt is now alive but not quite the way he was. Victor brings his ‘dead’ brother to please their dad but he realizes that Victor created a monster and starts berating Victor. This creates rage in Gerhardt and he ends up killing their father. Gerhardt wants his brother to kill him but Victor won’t do it and spares his life. He vows to save his brother from a life as a monster.

What will the outsider do now that he has seen magic in Storybrooke? Will Emma and Gold find Bae and will Emma recognize who Bae is? There has to be a reason why Gold chose her to go with him. Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait three more weeks to find out what happens next.

Stay tuned for more Once Upon a Time on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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