‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Recap: Lady of the Lake

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This week on Once Upon a Time, Snow and Charming are on a mission to take back the kingdom, but not without the king’s interference first. His men find them so the couple decides to split up. This is when Snow meets Lancelot. He grabs her and takes her to King George. He orders Lancelot to get her some water. He then explains how his wife drank some potion that left her unable to bear children. Charming will suffer for what he did by having his true love unable to have children, just like his wife. Snow had already been sipping from the water containing the potion. She is now cursed.

In present fairytale land, Emma meets Cora face to face. Snow wakes up and warns her daughter not to talk to her. She said that Cora is even worse than Regina. Cora tells them that the curse stripped her of her powers. Emma and Snow are then taken out of the cell where Lancelot meets them. Snow is obviously happy to see him. Princess Aurora is angry that the girls are allowed to be free since they are responsible for her princes’ death.

In Storybrooke, Charming tells Henry that he should go to school to be safe. Of course, Henry runs off to find Jefferson sitting on a bench. He is holding a picture that his daughter drew to help find her papa. He tells Henry that he is afraid Grace will be mad at him for deserting her. Henry encourages Jefferson to go talk to her.

Back in present fairytale land, Lancelot tells Snow that she and Emma can go find the portal in the wardrobe if they take Mulan with them. Emma has some funny moments in this episode. As they are talking about ogres, she tells Mulan that she is pretty sure she dated a few of them. Emma asked her mother where they are going. Snow says that they are going home.

In fairytale land, Charming visits with his mother Ruth, but they are ambushed. CharmingGinnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas defeats all of them, but his mother got shot by a poisoned arrow. Snow and Lancelot show up. They decide to take her to the lake to get some magic water to heal her. On the way, Ruth finally got to bond with her son’s true love. She pulls out a pendant that is supposed to predict the sex of a baby. Unfortunately, it didn’t move when she tried it on Snow. Snow confessed about the curse.

The only time Regina is shown this week is when Henry calls her to have lunch with him. She is packing up her office but drops everything to meet with her son. However, this is a trick so that Henry can sneak in to grab a key to the vault that Jefferson told him about. Regina catches on but instead of running to find him herself, she sends Charming to get him. Is Regina really trying hard to get her redemption or is she fooling everyone with her kindness?

Back in fairytale land, Aurora sneaks up on Snow with the knife but Snow overtakes her. Emma tries to protect her mother as she shoots off her gun. This brings out the ogres. The girls take off running but Emma trips and falls. Good thing Snow never forgot how to shoot an arrow. Emma is truly out of her element in this land of giants and swords.

Charming and Lancelot find that the lake is all dried up. However, they find a tiny bit of magic water to give to his mother. It doesn’t work. Ruth realizes that she is dying and her only regret is that she won’t see her son marry Snow. Yes, she will! Snow has Lancelot marry them while his mother watches. Ruth passes away quietly. Charming has the pendant and watches it swing over Snow. She is thrilled as she realizes that Lancelot had slipped some magic water in the cup that she drank during the ceremony. Ruth had given it to her instead. Snow secretly tells Lancelot that the baby will be a girl.

Snow and Emma arrive to the castle as Snow tells Emma all of the plans she had for her as she was supposed to grow up there. Lancelot shows up and asks about the wardrobe portal. Snow realizes that it is not him when he mentions Henry. Emma only mentioned his name to one person. Cora appears and said that she killed Lancelot long ago. Hopefully, this isn’t true. Cora wants to use the portal to go see Regina, but Emma is scared for Henry so she sets the wardrobe on fire so Cora can’t use it. Unfortunately, neither can they use it to go home. Snow tells her that a mother always protects her child no matter what the cost. Emma finally realizes what her own mother gave up to save her. Emma said that she is not used to anyone putting her first as she breaks down in Snow’s arms. How many of you cried during this whole thing? Unfortunately, Cora returns after they leave and finds a bit of the glowing portal.

Back in Storybrooke, Jefferson has a touching reunion with his daughter and Charming tells Henry that he needs his help to find Snow and Emma. He gives his grandson a play sword. They engage in a play sword fight just as King George is shown in a car watching them from a distance.

What does King George have in store? Will Cora make it to Storybrooke eventually? Will there be a show down with Regina and her evil mother? So many exciting things to come.

Next week on Once Upon a Time, Captain Hook is introduced and it looks like he may be even more evil than Rumple. Stay tuned to find out how this will all play out on the high seas.

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