‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Spoilers: Emma’s World Turned ‘Upside-Down’

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Once Upon a Time‘s first season ended with the curse breaking and magic coming to Storybrooke. Everything has changed, so what’s coming up next as families are reunited and people try to find their places in Storybrooke after remembering who they really are?

OUaT Season 2 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABCAccording to TVLine, Jennifer Morrison has teased, “The world is upside-down for Emma. … Her whole world is shaken up, and she’s sort of a new being.” Considering everything that has happened to her since the series began (having her kid show up and then tell her that the people in the town were all storybook characters, only for that to end up being true), it’s no surprise that she’s going to have to adjust to things and figure out what comes next for her.

Part of Emma adjusting is going to be her struggling “as she learns how to be parented,” according to co-creator Adam Horowitz. It’s not like it’s going to exactly be easy for her to go from knowing Mary as her roommate to getting used to Snow White being her mother. That family reunion is one of the scenes to most look forward to in the season premiere, and it especially has to be difficult for Emma to figure out how to let herself “be parented” since the age difference between child and parents isn’t there in this situation. She didn’t grow up with them, and they didn’t have her as she grew up. It’s likely going to take all of them time to figure out exactly how this is supposed to go. It’s not like there are books they can turn to for advice about this.

Emma is going to also be keeping an eye on Henry in Once Upon a Time season 2, as Morrison has previewed, “[Emma] has to find a way protect her son and her relationships with her family, and figure out how to move forward without being so [emotionally] guarded.” Regina’s not just going to give up and let Emma have Henry, especially with magic now in Storybrooke, so Emma’s going to have to do what she has to in order to keep him safe. That also means she can’t push him or her parents away; that could just lead to the perfect situation for Regina to take advantage of. Morrison also said that Emma is going to find out “the sorts of things that she’s capable of.” Could that happen when she has to go up against Regina at some point?

While Emma’s going to be a parent and a daughter in the upcoming season, she is also going to have some romance coming her way, though it may or may not be with a prior love interest, Jamie Dornan’s Huntsman/Sheriff Graham since they won’t reveal whether or not he’s returning. A return from Dornan could only be a good thing, and you have to imagine he’d show up again at some point.

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Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

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