‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Spoilers: When Will the Mysterious Man’s Identity Be Revealed?

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Once Upon a Time‘s season 2 premiere opened up by following a mysterious man in Manhattan until he received a postcard from Storybrooke with one word on it: “Broken.” Who is that man?

OUaT Season 2 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Autumn de Wilde/ABCAccording to TVGuide.com, executive producer Adam Horowitz has teased that in the first nine episodes, “you’ll learn a lot more about him and what his role in our larger story is.” The character, played by Michael Raymond-James, obviously has some ties to Storybrooke, but since you know no one can leave Storybrooke because of the curse, that means he’s likely never been in Storybrooke. However, it is always possible he somehow made it out of Storybrooke, which could mean there’s much more to his story than you might think.

However, with his ties to the town, it’s hard not to consider the possibility that he could be Rumplestiltskin’s son, Baelfire. Baelfire did go through a portal to a world without magic and the age would fit. It was never revealed where he ended up. Then there’s already speculation that he’s Henry’s father, and all Horowitz said about that was that “Henry’s father is someone we will learn about…well before the finale” of OUaT season 2. That’s good news, since it is one of the questions that have not been answered yet. At least the show will reveal the Mysterious Man’s identity in fewer episodes than it will be when Dr. Whale’s identity is revealed, if the episode title, “The Doctor,” is anything to go by. Will the Mysterious Man be making his way to Storybrooke in these first nine episodes?

What do you think of the latest Once Upon a Time season 2 spoilers? Who do you think the Mysterious Man is?

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