‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Spoilers: Who Needs Something from the Giant?

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Once Upon a Time season 2 has already introduced a few new characters, and another one will be coming in soon. Jorge Garcia will be playing the Giant in the November 4 episode.

OUaT Season 2 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Autumn de Wilde/ABCTVGuide.com has a first look photo of Garcia as the Giant, and Garcia describes the character as “like six times a normal person” who is “a dangerous, angry guy” who has quite the “extravagant costume.” So what brings him onto the show? “Emma and Hook go on a mission to find something in the Giant’s lair.” What will they need?

Well, the beginning of Once Upon a Time season 2 has seen Emma and Mary end up in fairytale land, and with the wardrobe now destroyed and not a possible way home, could Emma perhaps be looking for something the Giant has that could help her and her mother get home? But what is Hook doing with Emma? Perhaps she forces him to help her after something happens in the episodes between now and Garcia’s. Will the Giant have what Emma needs? Could he perhaps be part of the process of Emma and Mary getting home to Storybrooke and back to their family? If say this is the case, why isn’t Mary with Emma? Perhaps she’s off on her own mission for something to get them home. Perhaps Cora intervenes and Emma has to save her; Emma could be looking for something the Giant has for that as well.

What do you think of the latest Once Upon a Time season 2 spoilers?

Photo Credit: Autumn de Wilde/ABC

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