‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2: What Does the Offical Poster Reveal?

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Magic is coming to Storybrooke and now, a new Once Upon a Time poster has been revealed according to TV Line. You can see the magic oozing its way into the small town full of the favorite storybook characters from last season. This official poster is a great way to get fans even more excited about another season coming up soon.

The poster shows the daughter of Snow White and Charming, aka Emma Swan, as she stands tall while the magic potion, that was set off by none other than Rumplestiltskin, aka Mr. Gold, swirls around her. At the end of last season, the spell was broken as the characters finally remembered who they really are. Including Emma, who now believes all that her son Henry has been telling her.

When you look at the IMG_0187poster real close, a few things may be revealed for the upcoming season. First off, Emma stands tall and not afraid to take on the world of magic. Fans have seen just how protective she is with Henry and now, she has her parents to keep safe, too. The savior of Storybrooke has a sword ready to fight whatever comes along. She is in her signature leather jacket and jeans with her blond hair flowing. The purple smoke is swirling all around her trying to envelop the town and all that is in its path. Magic has come and it will be interesting to see just how much of it will be used and how Emma will fight it.

The poster also reveals the livelihood of Storybrooke with the cars parked everywhere and the streetlights blaring through the purple smoke. The town will fight together to protect its own against the forces of evil.

Another interesting thing to note is that one of the streets is named ‘Second St.’ Does this represent the second season of this magical show? Are there any more revelations you can see in the new official poster?

Stay tuned for an awesome second season of Once Upon a Time starting on September 30 on ABC.

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