‘Once Upon a Time’ Season Finale ‘A Land Without Magic’ Clip: Prince Charming’s Escape Attempt

Once Upon a Time‘s first season ends on Sunday with “A Land Without Magic,” and not only is Emma going to be fighting for Henry in Storybrooke, the characters in fairytale land will be doing some fighting as well.

OUaT Season 1 Episode 22 “A Land Without Magic” Sneak Peek

Josh DallasTwo sneak peeks have already been released showing Henry in the hospital and Emma wondering just what happened to him, and now a third out shows what’s going on in fairytale land for Snow White and Prince Charming. Last Charming was seen, Regina had locked him up, but will he be able to find a way escape?

The Once Upon a Time season finale sneak peek from “A Land Without Magic” below shows Prince Charming trying to break out of his cell, but it’s no use. He sits down and says, “I will find you, Snow. I will always find you.” Unfortunately, two guards come by with a piece of information that ruins that: that’ll be hard to do without his head. The Queen is looking forward to his execution. They lead him out, but he fights free in the hall. He runs, but he stops when he comes across a guard with a bow and arrow. Another guard blocks his path in the other direction. So what can he do? He doesn’t have to do anything, because an arrow takes care of that guard, leading Charming to wonder who’s holding the bow.

It’s hard not to guess that this is the Huntsman since he is back in this episode. Who else could it be? This is just the beginning of Charming’s journey to reunite with Snow White, and it looks like it’s going to be a fun one. There’s more to look forward to than just Emma possibly beginning to believe in Storybrooke.

What do you think of the latest Once Upon a Time season finale sneak peek from episode 22, “A Land Without Magic”?

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