‘Once Upon a Time ‘ Spoilers: Lead Actresses Talk Midseason Finale

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The midseason finale of Once Upon a Time airs on Dec. 2 and two of the main actresses from the show talked about what this season has been like for them so far, especially with them swept out of the town of Storybrooke and into the fairy tale land for much of the season so far.

Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin star as Emma Swan and Snow White and have spent most of this season shooting in the world of the fairy tales, mostly outdoors, and Morrison said that they have done whatever it takes not to freeze to death during shooting. For the show, she also said it is almost like they are shooting a brand new show since everything they are going through is completely different from the first season.

Taking these two major characters and placing them in this new world once reserved for flashbacks helped give the show a nice spark in the second season. While the first season began to feel a bit formulaic, with introductions to characters mixed with flashbacks to their past lives, this season sends two of the main characters into that world as it exists today. It almost makes the show feel fresh once again.

Now, with the two women set to return to town, what is in store for the viewers?

“It’s set up in a way where we don’t know what we’d be coming back to if we go through the portal, while in Storybrooke they don’t really know if it’d be us coming through or someone else,” Morrison said. “It really allows for the emotions to be heightened.”

Plus, they hinted there could be a booby trap set up when they do return. It sounds like Once Upon a Time is about to get really explosive.

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