‘Once Upon A Time’s’ Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Find Love

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Life often imitates art. That’s certainly the case with Once Upon A Time’s Snow White and Prince Charming. That’s because the actors that portray those characters, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, have found love as well.

That may help to explain the couple’s undeniable on-screen chemistry. Hearts melted during the show’s season finale as the fairytale hero and heroine ran into one another’s arms. It was just the happy ending fans were hoping for. Will Goodwin and Dallas get their own fairytale ending as well?

That remains unknown. However, the couple is on the right track with romance. Imagine them telling their grandchildren how they met. Could it get any better than a Snow White, Prince Charming connection?

Of course, things could get sticky if the duo’s romance falls apart at some point. However, they are obviously hoping that won’t happen. They don’t want to mirror their Once Upon A Time characters long-term separation.

As for what’s up for the show’s second season. Dallas says “…we have magic coming to Storybrooke so anything can happen.” He’s right and there’s little doubt the show’s writers will capitalize on every conniving action possible.

Hopefully Emma will finally get to explore a relationship with her parents. Now that she understands what drove them to abandon her, she may find a way to forgive them.

While her relationship with her son, Henry, remains a major focus, Jennifer Morrison shares that Emma will also explore love in season 2. “She’s never allowed that (love) before,” says Morrison. Fans think it’s about time she did just that.

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