One Direction Fans Upset About Their ‘iCarly’ Appearance

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Fans of the British boy band One Direction are not too happy about the boys’ guest appearance on the U.S. TV show iCarly. So are Directioners afraid that they’ll decide to reside in L.A. in order to win over more American fans? After all, Canadians eventually ended up losing Justin Bieber to the States.

According to Nickutopia, fear of the band deciding to stage a British invasion by setting up shop stateside isn’t their biggest worry just yet—instead they believe that Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson are a bad fit for iCarly.

They might be in a boy band like Big Time Rush, whom they will be touring with in February, but unlike BTR, the One Direction guys are bona fide bad boys—they curse, talk about sex, and drink alcohol. Some of them are over 18, which is the legal drinking age in England, so maybe Liam Payne will have a good laugh at his band mates when they come to the U.S. and aren’t allowed to drink (Liam stays away from alcohol because he has one kidney). Band member Harry Styles, was also the subject of a big scandal—the 17-year-old recently broke up with his 32-year-old girlfriend Caroline Flack. In short, these guys are not anything like the Jonas Brothers and Big Time Rush—they’re not trying to be kid-friendly.

However, iCarly is certainly a kid-friendly show, and its star, Miranda Cosgrove, has done a good job staying out of trouble and keeping her name out of the tabloids. So maybe a bunch of bad boys who like to party are a bad fit for the Nick series.

The episode of her show featuring the band will be about the guys accepting an invitation to appear on her web show. Harry Styles ends up pretending to be sick so that Miranda Cosgrove’s character dotes on him, and the other guys have to hatch up a plan to get him to perform with them. So who knows? Maybe Harry and Miranda will become the next teen “It” couple (at least she’s only a year older than him).

Harry’s role might also upset some Directioners—it sounds like he’s going to steal the spotlight with a plot that revolves around him. He was already getting more attention than the other guys because of his relationship with Caroline Flack, so this could be bad for the rest of the boys. Just look at what happened to ‘N Sync when Justin Timberlake started to get more attention than the rest of the group.

Some fans of One Direction might also fear that they’ll be forced to change the way they act to appeal to younger fans. Everyone wants to discover the next Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber, after all—parents had nothing to worry about when their tween daughters became obsessed with these squeaky clean stars.

So to all the Directioners out there—are you afraid that the guys are going to change as they try to appeal to American girls?

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