One Direction for Haley; Can Twitter Trend Get ‘X-Factor’s’ 1D Attention?

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Wondering what One Direction for Haley on Twitter is? A popular phrase that is spreading quickly on the social network is #HaleyDeserves1D.

Looking further, there appears to be a positive motive behind the popular hashtag phrase. Fans, tweeters and perfect strangers have begun what is called a trend in order for the girl in question, Haley, to get a chance to meet the group One Direction — or otherwise known as 1D. According the YouTube video, #HaleyHasAChance, and current trend on Twitter today, Haley is a sick girl who wishes to meet the boys. Her friends have rallied around her in support of the effort #HaleyDeserves1D.

Whether there really is a sick girl or not, is still to be determined. Hopefully there is as this trend is spreading quick on Twitter. What do you think? Is this a true story? Or just a bunch of kids playing a prank while on Christmas break?

The British-Irish boy band who found fame on X-Factor, is made up of four adorable boys who are gaining Justin Beiber like status. Follow the feed and Tweet along with fellow fans of 1D, to see if members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson will pick up on the #HaleyDeserves1D.

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