One Direction Gets Warning from Paul McCartney

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One Direction should start rejoicing—Paul McCartney recently mentioned the British boy band! However, the legendary singer has a warning for the fab five.

There’s been a bit of a British boy band invasion in the States with 1D and The Wanted stealing the hearts of American girls, so it’s not surprising that people are comparing today to the 1960s, when British groups like The Rolling Stones and The Kinks became extremely popular in the U.S. However, that British invasion first began when American girls first heard The Beatles sing “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

Girls have responded to 1D’s “What Makes You Beautiful” in a similar manner, but the band lives in a different time—instead of relying on radio stations and records to win over fans, they’ve used reality show The X Factor and the internet to become megastars. However, this isn’t why Paul McCartney thinks that One Direction shouldn’t be compared the The Beatles. So is he actually jealous of the young guys for getting to live the life that he once had? Or does he feel insulted that a boy band is being compared to his legendary group?

Nope—instead Paul actually seems genuinely concerned for 1D. According to Digital Spy, here’s what the former Beatle told ITV1’s Daybreak about the boys: “There are so many bands who all get called ‘the next Beatles’. Suddenly it puts an awful lot of pressure on them to be the next Beatles.

“Oasis were ‘the next Beatles’ once if you remember. It’s a pressure, because suddenly you’ve got to live up to all the things that we did, and it was a different time. So let’s just call them ‘the next terrific band’.”

He makes a good point—music fans in the 90s were thrilled when Oasis seemed like a modern-day version of The Beatles. However, the guys seemed to let their fame go to their heads, and their bad behavior paired with the Gallagher brothers constant bickering ensured that they wouldn’t achieve the superstar status and number of hits that Paul McCartney’s band did.

During his interview, Paul also pointed out that One Direction is doing well in America, and he wished the guys luck. He probably knows that they’ll need it—bands have to worry about all sorts of issues, like clashing with management, bickering that could lead to the group breaking up, and dwindling popularity. After all, 90s boy bands like The Backstreet Boys and ‘N SYNC didn’t end up having the same shelf life as The Beatles.

However, 1D could just take Paul’s words as a compliment—it’s not every day that one of the biggest rock legends in the world feels the need to comment on you.

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