One Direction is Crazy Claims Leona Louis and Simon Cowell is Their ‘Uncle’

One Direction doesn’t just have crazy fans, they are also crazy. Or so says singer star Leona Louis. The 27-year-old should know. Leona has quite a few things in common with 1D. They were both on The X Factor: UK, they were both mentored by Simon Cowell, they have both become global sensations since exiting the show and both acts are signed to Syco Music which also happens to be Simon’s label.

Up All NightIn 2006, Louis won the third season of The X Factor: UK in 2006. Her career quickly gained steam and she has since become a multi-platinum selling artist. In a recent interview, the beautiful songstress shot down claims Cowell had flirted with her by saying, “He was never flirty with me at all. He was more like an uncle. Not a pervy uncle.”

As for One Direction, Louis’s advice to them was to “enjoy” this time of their lives. She had described them as “mad boys” a.k.a. “crazy boys” who were currently “having a lot of fun.” Louis’ description of the boys differed from former X Factor: UK judge Dannii Minogue.

Minogue called them “good guys” whose wholesomeness had mass appeal. It’s no wonder One Direction has such a mass array of fans. Their personalities are a little bit of everything.

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