One Direction Member Disses The Wanted by Saying That They’ll Be the Bigger Boy Band

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Someone from One Direction said that their band will be bigger than The Wanted in the States! So should fans brace themselves for a boy band battle?

In the 90s the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync often caused arguments between loyal fans, and everyone knows who won that battle—Justin Timberlake. Maybe fans of 1D and The Wanted will soon get to see a similar faceoff as both boy bands try to invade the States (and hopefully Harry Styles doesn’t end up being the only to benefit from it in the end when he inevitably goes solo).

According to SugarScape, an unnamed member of One Direction gave this reason for why they will be bigger than The Wanted: “We have a huge fan base here and Simon wants us on US X Factor.” So is Harry Styles ego getting a little bit too big? For some reason it just seems like he had to be the one who said that.

Harry has been getting the band a lot of attention because of his relationship with older woman Caroline Flack, and 1D has already proved to be very popular in the States—their album release date was moved up; they’re going to start touring with Big Time Rush; and they recently filmed an episode of iCarly. It probably also helps that they were discovered on The X Factor—Simon Cowell is a very powerful man who knows what it takes to become popular in the States.

However, The Wanted also have a secret weapon—Justin Bieber. The band has already toured with him, winning the hearts of a few Beliebers along the way. Nathan Sykes became such good buds with the Biebs that he even wants to fly him over to the U.K. for his 18th birthday (probably so the pop star can legally drink).

Their song “Glad You Came” will also be featured on an upcoming episode of Glee, so they’re gaining ground in the States and are starting to build a solid fanbase (getting the attention of Gleeks should certainly help).

So which boy band do you think will end up being bigger?

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