One Direction Part of Massive Sexting Ring? Why 1D Lads Could be Seriously Sleazy

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Are One Direction Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson seriously sleazy? Do they belong to an international sex ring made up of pop stars who share explicit photos of their crazed fans?

Though the guilty pop stars are not named, it sure sounds like it could be 1D based on the information revealed.

Basically, there is a group called PMB or Pimp My B*tches, which consists of pop stars who use their mobile phones to swap sexually explicit photos of fans that are sent to them.

The report indicates that at least three of the biggest acts in music right now are members, and at least one of them is a “hugely famous British band… with a squeaky clean image.” Sounds like One Direction, right?

“Some of the best known celebrities in this country—be they in sport or music—are caught up in these sleazy groups,” said a source. “They treat women like pieces of meat and have no respect for them. These women and girls have no idea naked snaps of them are being circulated. It’s disgusting. What gets me is one of the acts trades on a squeaky-clean image. Their fans would disown them if they knew what they were up to. All three acts have massive followings among young girls. It’s a bit like with the footballers—they think they are untouchable.”


Now, obviously, there is no mention of One Direction in this report, but it sure does sound like the “Source” is letting it be known that the pop stars involved are hugely successful and are known for being squeaky clean and scandal free.

Doesn’t it sound like 1D to you?

Hopefully, it’s not the cute British boy band as they would completely ruin their image if they were sharing sleazy photos of their fans. Surely they must get fans who send them naked photos or underwear and bras, but if they’re good young men, they wouldn’t be sharing those things with others!

What do you think of this story? Who do you think is involved?

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