One Direction’s Harry Styles Is Haunted, but by Whom?

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One Direction’s Harry Styles has reportedly laid out big bucks on a haunted house in North London. Will the alleged ghost in residence haunt Harry on a regular basis?

According to a report from, the apparition in question is that of notoriouHarry styless London thief Dick Turpin. Known by locals, he and his gang used to steal from the townspeople. He was hanged in 1739 for horse theft.

“The ghost of Turpin has been spotted in the window—and according to legend you can hear the sounds of his horse Bess’s hooves. Locals say he used to hide in the courtyard next to the pub waiting for his victims to come down the road before robbing them,” a source explains.

Dick Turpin also hung out at a pub that was located very close to Harry’s new home, back in the 1700s.

Harry already has a flat in London. Some are crossing their fingers that the One Direction mate holds on to it, just in case things inside this new home get hairy. (Oh, no—hopefully the ghost won’t get Harry!)

Do you suppose Harry’s One Direction band mates—Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik—have seen Harry’s new haunted house? Have any of them ‘met’ Dick Turpin yet?

How do you feel about ghosts and haunted houses? Do you believe that spirits linger on earth and manifest themselves in human form in order to either communicate with or frighten people?

It will certainly be interesting to learn if Harry Styles has any encounters with his ghost in residence. Perhaps some really loud One Direction music—and not What Makes You Beautiful—might drive the ghost away!

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