One Direction’s Harry Styles Reveals Real Meaning Behind New Tattoo and Flirts With Another Cougar

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If there’s anything that’s drawing the One Direction boys including Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik together (aside from their heartthrob status among a crush of girls around the world), it’s their affinity for tattoo parlors. Niall Horan still has the hot factor, but he’s not part of the 1D ink club. As for Styles, he keeps racking up the parlor visits on his punch card, and he recently added to his tattoo collection when he branded a pair of swallows on his upper chest.

Unlike some of his other clip-art-like, random sprinkling of tattoos, the feathered creatures are far more substantial and appear to be less haphazard than some of the others. But like his other tats, they also apparently hold some underlying meaning for Styles. When he and the rest of 1D sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her show, Hazza admitted that he just likes the birds, but that they also resemble “traveling” because “birds fly.” And jet-setting around the globe is certainly something that Styles knows more than a little about. He could have opted for two planes, instead, although that would have been far less romantic.

File:Harry Styles 2012.jpgAnd cougar-chaser Harry Styles is obviously all about the romance factor. He even flirted with Ellen (she’s taken, Hazza!) when talk turned to girls. Styles told the funny host, “I like someone that’s fun, someone like you!” He certainly knows how to turn on the charm.

That aside, Styles is seemingly near addicted to his periodic dose of ink. (Maybe this flirty womanizer thinks all the tattoos elevates his status among, ahem, older women.) Really, he and Malik both take top billing when it comes to 1D body art. But Tomlinson is quickly catching up to the tally of his more heavily inked band mates, as he recently indulged his love of feathers, too, with a few mini bird silhouettes on his wrist, directly under his silly skateboard stick figure and his “Oops!” text.

One Direction may be beloved by teeny-boppers for their bubblegum-pop sounds, but their affinity for parlor dates definitely casts them in an, ahem, different light that’s not so squeaky clean. And they probably don’t mind one bit.

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