One Direction’s Liam Payne and Niall Horan Mooching Off of Simon Cowell?

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Liam Payne and Niall Horan may both now be girlfriend-less, with Payne just lately calling it quits with former flame Danielle Peazer, and Horan admitting he’s too lazy to date (and with Demi Lovato firmly denying any romance between them both). But these One Direction boys aren’t homeless! In fact, they’re living the high life—basically rent-free—thanks to a one Simon Cowell.

While Harry Styles recently bought himself a nice little pad in London, England, and Louis Tomlinson is basically right down the road (talk about party central!), it seems Payne and Horan aren’t yet ready to leave the north London nest that The X Factor built nearly two years ago.

“Only Niall and Liam are left, and they still pay just a fraction of the rent, with management [aka Syco and Simon Cowell] picking up the rest of the tab,” a source recently told The Sun, as Entertainmentwise reports. “The rent they are paying is a token amount because their bosses want to teach them they’ll have to pay all of their rent at some stage.”

File:Niall Horan and Liam Payne Glasgow.jpgNiall Horan and Liam Payne are evidently taking their chart-topping song, “Live While We’re Young,” to heart. No sense adding the burden of a monthly bill unnecessarily! While some may see it as mooching, maybe Horan and Payne are just being smart with their money and taking their time to find the right place to call home.

Regardless, it seems Mr. Cowell might just have a soft spot for the boy band and its stragglers who have yet to set up their own living arrangements. It’s excusable, though, as it’s not like the guys haven’t been busy with concerts, tours, recording studio sessions, and, of course, signing autographs for squealing Directioners. What’s more, Cowell also recently showered One Direction’s upcoming new album, Take Me Home, with some serious praise. So he’s definitely still in their corner.

And now that Payne is single and ready to mingle—and has a whole new look with his buzz cut—maybe he might just plunk down some of his millions for a manse. After all, he may want a place of his own to show off to any future lady loves.

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