One Direction’s Liam Payne Insulting Kim Kardashian and ‘The X Factor’, Too?

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He’s shaved his head, inked on a few tattoos and allegedly kissed more than a few girls just in one night, now Liam Payne has made another brash statement—he just slammed reality TV and its stars. Sorry Kim Kardashian: It seems Payne may not be a fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

“I think of it like this: there are a lot of people who get paid a lot for doing not much at all—you know, like socialites who get paid for appearing in reality shows,” Payne, 19, told You magazine, as Entertainmentwise reports. “But what we earn we earn for doing an awful lot. We are constantly working.” It’s a sweeping, and rather insulting, foot-in-the-mouth statement from Mr. Payne that could win him some enemies. But his chip on his shoulder also extends past the small screen to the university scene, too. He had some choice words for students—and even sort of snubbed them, too!

File:Liam Payne Sydney Australia.jpg“In some ways we are like students in the way we live, except we work harder,” Payne said of himself and the rest of One Direction, including Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan. “Whenever I ring any of my mates at uni—around 2.00 in the afternoon because they never wake up before then—and ask what they are doing, they usually say: ‘Just hanging in halls playing FIFA.'”

Perhaps Liam Payne is finally feeling the pressure of being a music sensation and all the commitments that come with it. Even a pop star needs a break, after all.

That said, the recently single One Direction member has seemingly become much bolder since his breakup with longtime girlfriend, Danielle Peazer. With this, his latest statement about 1D’s work ethic, he not only bashed perhaps one of the most popular TV show genres and its stars, but also the very platform that gave 1D their entree to the world of fame: The X Factor.

But it’s apparently not so much the reality talent shows that apparently bother Mr. Payne; it’s probably those “other” series—think The Only Way is Essex, Made in Chelsea and, yes, the Kardashians.

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