One Direction’s Liam Payne Reveals the Real Reason He Shaved His Head

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Liam Payne is the odd man out amid his One Direction mates; he’s the only one in the British-Irish boy band who no longer boasts the floppy, long and/or uber-coiffed locks. Payne, whose flip-star ‘do was once called out by Justin Bieber as copycat, recently took it all off—his hair, that is. Now he’s sharing his precise reason for the close shave, and it has nothing to do with his breakup with longtime girlfriend, Danielle Peazer—or so he says.

”I just fancied it for the day, I dunno!” Payne exclaimed on Daybreak when asked about his buzz cut, as Entertainmentwise reports. He and the rest of 1D were promoting their new hit single, “Live While We’re Young,” but not surprisingly, talk quickly to the personal exploits of the heart-throb group. But Payne wasn’t playing along and obviously offered no saltier, spicier reason for his crop, which came directly on the heels of his split.

File:LIAM PAYNE.jpgGirls are notorious for going out and making a physical change—from a new outfit to new hair and makeup—after a breakup. So, while he’s not admitting it, maybe Liam Payne likewise felt the need to change up his look. He’s single and ready to mingle! He certainly looks quite different without his mop top; he cuts an older and a bit more serious profile than his teeny-bopper-trending band mates. Entertainmentwise has a fresh new group photo of 1D outside the ITV studios after their Daybreak appearance.

Gone is the need for hairspray and gel, combs and brushes and flat irons! Payne just cut his primping time completely out of the equation.

But, just as when Bieber changed up his signature locks on a whim, Payne’s close-cut may summon the need for new One Direction merchandise, from T-shirts to posters, to those Hasbro plastic toy figures and more, especially if he continues to keep up the buzz.

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