One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Gets In Touch With His Softer Side

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Louis Tomlinson and his One Direction band mates, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, recently took the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in London by storm with their peppy pop vocals and squeal-worthy looks. And the lads surely didn’t disappoint with a hit list that included the chart-topping “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Everything About You.”

Perhaps what attracts Directioners even more to the British-Irish boys is their playful, cheeky side and the sometimes salty spins in their personal and love lives that provide plenty of tabloid fodder. From Horan’s Demi Lovato connection to Malik, Tomlinson and Payne’s cute girlfriends and Styles’s cougar dates, not to mention all of their party-hardy ways and nightclub rendezvous, their escapades are definitely gossip-worthy.

And, Tomlinson had even more mischief up his sleeve while backstage at the iTunes music fest. He spent his downtime getting up close and personal with quite the strange companion: Kevin. No, he hasn’t broken up with his girl, Eleanor Calder. And his bromance with Styles may or may not still be on. But he does seem to be rather infatuated with Kev, a definite “VIP,” as MTV’s Buzzworthy blog playfully and adeptly calls it.

The “Very Important Person” is actually not a person at all; it’s a pigeon… and a faux one at that!

File:Louis Tomlinson.jpgLouis Tomlinson was photographed gazing quite fondly at said bird, but his gel-heavy, spiked-just-so coif also commanded attention in the pic. It’s quite the Kodak (or, more appropriately, the Instagram!) moment. In the background of the shot, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik appear lost in conversation–or perhaps they were debating who gets to take care of VIP Kevin next.

The lucky pigeon who found a home among One Direction even has his own Facebook page, where snappy and silly little posts turn up rather frequently, and there are even some screen-print shirts and merch out there dedicated to the fine fowl.

Looks like Styles and Tomlinson, who once made waves as the playfully dubbed Larry Stylinson, have some new sources of affection. While Styles has said to be taken by another “cougar” catch of the day, much-older singer Natalie Imbruglia, Tomlinson has turned his flirt on with Kevin. Of course, he always has Calder, too.

Photo credit: Brittney A Tambeau

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