One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Selling Something That Fans Will Want to Buy!

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Louis Tomlinson of hot British boy band, One Direction, may not boast the romantic cougar exploits of Harry Styles or Zayn Malik’s stalker in Miley Cyrus (she recently tweeted about him!). Nor does he have Niall Horan’s Demi Lovato connection or Liam Payne’s hair swoop, which has even reportedly been called out as copycat by Justin Bieber. But this 1D heart-throb does have something to sell (besides his cute factor); something shiny, fancy and fast.

He’s put his sporty, jet black Porsche up for sale on eBay! As Metro confirms, it is listed as having low mileage–after all, when does Tomlinson have time to drive–and just one owner (naturally!), and it even has his personal registration plate: LT11 BOX. Sweet!

Talk about every Directioner’s dream, too: to own a personal item of Tomlinson’s (or any of the guys, for that matter).

And it seems the sleek ride has already generated a bid from a private source at 50,000 pounds, a strong increase on the starting price of 30,000 pounds. “One rich daddy got in touch saying he wanted to buy it for his daughter,” revealed an insider. Lucky girl. Sounds like she may be receiving some sweet 16 swag that could only be topped by a performance from One Direction themselves. But, as Metro reminds, there are still a few days left for this eBay auction, so who knows what could happen.

File:Louis Tomlinson.jpgMore interesting to contemplate is just why Louis Tomlinson is trading in his Porsche and why he’s doing so on eBay, of all places. It seems like he would want to keep such transactions on the down low. That aside, perhaps the little sports car was no longer cutting it for Tomlinson. Perchance he even has his heart set on a flashier ride, say a Batmobile or a chrome-wrapped Fisker Karma, following in the wheels of fellow pop sensation Bieber.

Or maybe he’ll go with a Bentley like Zayn Malik recently purchased… or an Audi like Harry Styles. It’s probably safe to say, though, that Tomlinson won’t go for a car similar to the one he bought for girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, which happened to be the aptly named Mini One D. It’s perfect for his girl, but seems a little too cute–and matchy-matchy–for this hottie boy band star.

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