One Direction’s Niall Horan Not a Big Spender, Harry Styles Has a Problem With It!

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Poor Niall Horan. He has become the odd man out among the One Direction boys. He doesn’t have the adventurous dating record that cougar-chaser Harry Styles boasts—especially since he’s denied all the Demi Lovato love rumors. He’s missing Zayn Malik’s rocker edge; and he’s stayed off the tattoo train on which Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have recently hopped an inky ride. (Good for him!) But apparently, Horan also is the penny pincher of 1D. Despite his millions, he’s stashing his cash in the piggy bank, and he’s proud of it.

File:Niall Horan Boston.jpg“Niall isn’t one to go around flashing his cash about. It’s just not his style,” a friend recently revealed, as Sugarscape reports. “He is mostly content playing his guitar and video games while having a laugh with the boys… Niall doesn’t own a house or a car. He gets about on a push bike. He’s not really very organized or that fussed when it comes to financial matters.”

It sounds like Horan may be resisting the idea of “growing up” and taking ownership of his finances. But it is great to see a star so unconcerned with material things!

However, Styles does not approve of his band mate’s lack of financial savvy or his money-saving ways. “Harry is trying to get him to buy some properties and invest his millions,” the insider also confirmed. While it’s definitely admirable that Niall Horan’s not indulging in any spending sprees, he may want to actually take a cue from Styles and smartly invest his money.

Harry Styles just lately splashed out some significant dough for a hot bachelor (and party!) pad in North London. So did Zayn Malik—he has also reportedly become a homeowner, recently spending a few million on a futuristic abode in England. And Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have both bought their girlfriends high-dollar rides earlier this year—perhaps a bad investment for the now-single Payne.

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