One Direction’s Niall Horan Partying Too Much? Harry Styles Taking Care of Him!

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Niall Horan has become quite the revealer it seems. The One Direction blonde cutie may not initially seem like the most wild of the boy band bunch—that honor would appear to go to 18-year-old Harry Styles, he of the adventurous, player-like dating style that trends towards the cougar sort. But of all the 1D guys, also including Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik, apparently Horan’s Irish blood has gotten him into some hot water when it comes to the party scene.

“Two beers and he’s falling around,” a source has reportedly said of Horan, who must be quite the lightweight. He may have desires on Demi Lovato, but she certainly wouldn’t be a fan of his drunkenness! It’s not clear if his “What Makes You Beautiful” mates are concerned about his lack of sobriety, but it seems they should be, what with news that he was ‘hammered” at a recent wedding and also looking a bit worse for the wear after their Olympics closing ceremony performance. After all, they all have a darn successful music career to maintain—although they haven’t really yet been branded with any sort of role-model status, they need to uphold like some fellow pop sensations, think Justin Bieber.

Someone who definitely is raising his eyebrows about the situation, though, is daddy Horan. But he has a plan! “Bobby’s been texting Harry as he is Niall’s closest friend in the band. He knows his son can’t handle his drink, and so he has asked Harry to keep an eye on him,” the insider said, as Entertainmentwise reports.

File:Niall Horan 2012.jpgFile:Harry Styles 1D 2.jpgThere’s no denying it’s a bit ironic that Harry Styles would be watching out for Niall Horan, as they both seem like they could really whoop it up. But given Styles’ cougar experience, maybe he is more mature and wise beyond his years. And, who knows, maybe Horan will swap his over-indulgent barfly ways, hold the beer, and pick up some of Styles’ “style” when it comes to the ladies—the older ones, that is. He was seen hanging out with Styles’ famous ex-girlfriend, 32-year-old Caroline Flack, at the V music festival. She was even seen spooning up some mac ‘n’ cheese for him. Sexy? Well, maybe. But, she may have been trying to sober him up with some good old-fashioned grease instead, as apparently she was helping her Harry boy out with the babysitting.

And so the silly and sometimes strange exploits of the “fab” five that is One Direction continue right along…

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