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I remember coming home from work, and there you were in the ocean waiting for me. I would see your smile and take off my shoes and run into the water to greet you, barefoot.

Isn’t it funny how I though that this would be my life forever, happy, joyful, running to you everyday to the deep blue sea and see your smile waiting just for me.

No smiles await me now, I have dried up tears

I go back to where our love began

I see the waves but you are not there, so I imagine your smile and your eyes shining and I scream as you fade and I take off my shoes and walk and then run into the cold blue ocean, once last time, barefoot.

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I am 5'6" Normal weight. Brown hair. I have had breast cancer and now I am a survivor! I give the credit to Jesus. I love getting sunlight on my face and could spend all day relaxing by a pool!

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