One More Reason for My Kid to Hate Me

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Yesterday, I gave my 10-year-old daughter one more reason to hate me: I banned her from attending sleepovers.

angry looking daughter

Momlogic’s Amanda: Why? Name one good thing that happens when you put a bunch of impulsive and hyperactive tweenage girls together after midnight!

I thought so.

In all seriousness, there is no denying that sleepovers are fun. What’s not to like about an all-night party? But really, when you get down to it, is it a good idea to let your tween hang out with a bunch of friends all night … largely unsupervised?

When I picked my daughter up at 10 PM at her last invited sleepover party, she complained the whole way home about all of the fun that she was missing. When pressed, she explained that said “fun” included TPing a neighbor’s house, crank-calling boys, and playing with a Ouija board … and that’s just the stuff she confessed to.

Someone told me once that common sense goes to bed at midnight. For tweens? Move that number back a few hours!

What’s the policy at your house regarding sleepover parties?

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