One of our babies…

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One of our baby squirrels died last night.  We checked on them at 1am and then at 7am he was gone.  It is the one we named Pete Jr. 

Pete was a name we gave to a squirrel that came in our yard last year and built a nest in the front pine tree.  He was always throwing pine cones at us when we walked under the tree.  We don’t know if these were his ospring or not, but decided to carry on that name.

Pete Jr was always the least active of the babies, so there may have been something wrong after the fall.  It is Pete Jr that is in the feeding video. 

Even though they are squirrels and we knew we were going to release them back, it is still heart breaking. I start to tear up every time we go in for a feeding today.  Elijah doesn’t know yet though.  He hasn’t been in to see them.  Don’t know how we are going to tell him.  He is going to be so upset.

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