One proud wife tonight

Eric has tried in the past to get his GED. Unfortunately for reasons out of our control he wasn’t able to complete.  Well, he got everything straightened out and worked again towards getting his GED.  For three weeks now he has been going to classes once again. Tonight he had his constitution test and passed! That is one thing out of his way. 

He has two more classes before they break, and go back August 20th.  He has plans of going to college after this for automobile mechanic.  His dreams is to one day start his own business. Whatever he chooses I will be right here to support him.   Some people would of already gave up but he didn’t even though some thinks he did.  It gets upsetting when individuals put someone down, or blame them  and they have no idea what is going on.  This is one of those circumstances people take things for granted.  


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