One ‘Racist’ Remark and the Entire Tea Party Is Guilty

Here it goes again, the old double standard. An ‘elderly’ Tea Party leader, Inge Marler, gave a speech at a Ozark rally. The speech was about growing up in Yugoslavia and coming to America. Without telling anyone ahead of time, prior to her speech, she told the inappropriate joke. The Ozark groups founder, Richard Caster, 21, said of the ‘grey-haired elderly lady’, “In her heart, she is a good lady but she said something stupid. If I said that, I would leave the movement. We are good people.” Leave her leader position perhaps, but the entire movement? Is there no forgiveness for this woman? Probably not, what’s more likely is the group knows what’s coming…what’s already happening. The media will attack the entire party based on the inappropriate joke from this one woman. The party wants to look like they did the ‘right thing’.

Certainly, the joke was inappropriate. Certainly there are party members who are racist, but time and time again, the left has failed to produce any real evidence that the group, as a whole, is racist. They believe that anyone who doesn’t like President Obama is a racist. They insist on everyone going ‘Green’, yet they leave trash in meeting places, fly in private jets and drive in SUVs. When Ted Kennedy died, if anyone said anything bad about him, they were disgusting, yet they delighted in the death of conservative Andrew Breitbart. Worst of all, they preach tolerance but practice intolerance. It just goes on and on and most of the time, it gets brought back to “You’re a racist.”

Caster told Huffington Post, “It dawned on me that this little old lady got on stage and said a two-bit, retarded joke that she should not have said and it was all over. It’s funny how a little old lady can cause a huge stir.” Wonder when it will dawn on the media that he said the word ‘retarded’? He added that he wished that the media would focus more on more serious party issues rather than party shockers. Naturally, under the Marler article, HuffPo has ‘The Ten Scariest Tea Party Signs’ and ‘Tea Party Guy’s Crazy Gun Ad’.

It’s probably an old excuse, but it’s true, Marler comes from a different time and place. Does that give her a pass? No! But, she doesn’t deserve what they will do to her for this ‘joke':

A black child asks his mother what a democracy is.

‘Well, son, that be when white folks work every day so us poor folks can get all our benefits,’ the mother responds.

‘But mama, don’t the white folk get mad about that?’ the boy asks, to which she replies: ‘They sure do, son. They sure do. And that’s called racism.’

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