Only in the Philippines: Cebu Pacific Dancing Flight Attendants (Video)

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Thursday, a passenger of Cebu Pacific Airlines, the Philippines’ second largest airline, captured a video of a safety demonstration with flight attendants dancing to the beat of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance and Katy Perry’s California Girls.

This is definitely not a first when it comes to viral web videos. Soldiers and other professionals have done their own dance to a number of Gaga’s famous songs. One question that sparks controversy is that although videos like this may seem harmless, they post a potential threat to safety and professionalism.

Cebu Pacific was ranked first among the country’s airlines in carrying the most number of passengers for both it’s domestic and international operations in the first half of the year, according to Yahoo News. Cebu Pacific has always been known to attract a more hip crowd due to it’s low cost fare. It comes as to no surprise that the airline decided to make their safety demonstration more entertaining. Some of their gimmicks include several in-flight games and giveaways.

There are no airline regulations on how to perform an airline safety demonstration. Most airlines even opt to just show a video or have flight attendants point out the directions of safety exits.

So what exactly was their point in presenting a safety demonstration of such? Do they want better attention towards the procedure or is it a way to attract more passengers? Are they compromising safety for a marketing strategy?

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