Oops! Air France Jet Clipped Small Plane at JFK

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An Air France Airbus 380 hit the tail of a smaller regional aircraft on Monday night at JFK Airport. There were no injuries, but a lot of frightened people have a story to tell. The smaller jet received some damage which is not a surprise.

“Air France Flight No. 7, en route to Paris, and a Comair ‘Canadair’ regional jet were involved in the incident, FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said. Comair is a unit of Delta Air Lines.”

A CNN reporter was on the Air France flight when the incident occurred. What coverage this incident will have! The scary part is that this happened at all. Was the air traffic controller asleep at JFK airport? It is not enough that passengers have to go through screening at airports, but now large jets hit smaller ones while taxiing on the runway. It is a scary way to fly, and air travel is always interesting these days.

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