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Do we drink too much? Do we have a flawed attitude about drinking? Do we have personal responsibility when someone in a bar – our party – at our house drinks too much? Do we give our kids the tools to drink without dying? Do we consider binge drinking a rite of passage? Do we celebrate drinking too much in life and online?

This is an open discussion. Take it where you need to: Post links to your related Gather articles, share your own drinking experiences, share potential solutions.


Yesterday I told Melanie Sommer, one of our News Editors, that I would post an open discussion about drinking. When I tried to find a recent MPR article to refer to I ended up with these results.

From News Cut by Bob Collins:

From MPR News Issues collection:

Sobering, isn’t it. This is not even a complete list of the features or reports about issues surrounding drinking. (I didn’t even include a recent story about absinthe becoming legal in Minn.) And no, MPR isn’t obsessed with dangerous drinking. We have seven collectionswith multiple subcategories. So I’m turning to you here on Gather. Is there a solution? What is it?

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