Open Discussion: Do you eat as a family?

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This morning in the 10 o’clock hour of Midmorning, Kerri Miller welcomes former self-proclaimed “chowhound” Jim Leff, who spent years searching for the best food across the country – check out the website he created (and has since sold). That’s no longer what concerns him. According to Midmorning:

A restaurant critic on what’s best to eat at home
Former Chowhound “alpha dog” Jim Leff spent years searching for the most delicious food across the country. He still has opinions about restaurant fare, but his latest quest is for the meals that perfectly capture a sense of well-being.


In other words: what (healthy items) can we eat together, as a family, at home? Listen at 10 a.m. CDT and add your comments here.

People are constantly warning that the family dinner has gone extinct, in favor of quick meals on the run – drive through, microwave dinners, heck, even a bag of chips. Is that true? Do you find yourself too busy to eat as a family? Or are you managing to hold on to that tradition? What do you think are important activities for families to do together?

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