Open discussion: Share your tips for cooking refrigerator-free meals

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This one is near and dear to my heart today. A massive tree came down and cut the power to our block. While cooking without electricity is pretty easy for us (we have a gas range, grill, propane camping stove and a well-stocked pantry) cooking without refrigeration is another thing.

The existing food in the fridge and freezer was packed into two coolers, with 20+lbs of ice. The coolers were moved to the coolest part of the basement and covered with one of two larger bags (20lbs each) of ice. No worries there.

But while I made lunch I thought about camping trips and how we do aok without refrigeration. Outside of trips, the ability to keep food – whether ingredients or leftovers – cold makes a big difference in daily life.

What are your favorite refrigerator-free meals? How would you handle a long-term lack of refrigeration in the kitchen?



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