Open Discussion: What would you do for a cause you believe in?

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St. Paul native Joe Chisholm is part of the crew responsible for masterminding the filming of the new film The Cove, a documentary about the mass slaughter of dolphins in Japan, MPR’s Euan Kerr reported this morning on Morning Edition. Check out the story and archived audio here.

According to the article, the operation became 100% clandestine. “It turned out the crew not only had to outwit the fishermen, they also had to avoid local police and government officials,” Kerr reported. They had Hollywood set designers design camera mounts to look like rocks, and to set up (because they couldn’t risk staying and filming themselves), they used spotty walkie-talkies in the middle of the night.

I can’t say I’ve ever done the equivalent, but have you? What would you do for a cause you believe in? How far would you go? Would you risk jail time?


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