Open Discussion: Who would inspire your next novel?

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Jane Kirkpatrick had family history to inspire her new novel, A Flickering Light, she recently told MPR arts reporter Euan Kerr. The book tells the story of her grandmother, Jessie Gaebele, as a photographer in Winona, MN, a century ago. Many of her grandmother’s photos are featured in the book. Read Euan’s story, and listen to the audio here.

Who would inspire your next novel? A family member, friend, celebrity, or role model? Someone from the present or the past? How many times have you looked at something and thought, “gee, I could really make a neat story out of this”? Share that experience here.

Kirkpatrick will read at various places around Minnesota this week including the Winona Historical Society. This is an open discussion, so you’re welcome to link to your related Gather articles or other online resources. Your comments & articles may be quoted on or on


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