Open Doors (Saturday Writing Essential) – My dungeon

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Challenge:  Write something (prose, poetry, fiction, or even an essay) about the ways your life may have changed. It could have been in the past, the present. Or you can be creative and place it in the future.


There I sat in my dungeon of loneliness, knowing I had made the right choice, yet sitting in a tiny shed indulging in self pity and cigarettes. It was either fire two employees or sell the house and move up here to the tin can shack that was once a single wide mobile home where I could be with my husband.

Stuck here in the country, living in what appeared to be poverty I better understood that old adage ‘while the cat’s away the mice will play’. I fired those two and moved my office to the tin can. This, of course, sent me into a deeper depression. No friends and our survival completely lying on my shoulders.

One day, a huge flock of red winged blackbirds flew in a cloud over the tiny little hole that left me with the only sky I could view from my dungeon. I never looked up there until that day, but curiosity took hold and I started inching my way up the dungeon to get a better look. That was the very moment the Blue Jay had been looking for. He flew in and stole my pity. Then he took it over to a neighbor and deposited some of it on her head. Thank goodness for Budweiser because she was one ticked off lady.

While we became drunken friends and my door opened to more neighbors, the badgers came to my dungeon and filled it with dirt and rocks, giving me no chance to return. They closed the door to my dungeon. I could return, but I’m too gull durned lazy to find the shovel.


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