‘Opening Act’ 2012 Spoiler Alert

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Tonight’s Opening Act discovers TwentyForSeven, a Canton, Michigan based pop/punk band. The band believes they are going to a work-out session at Planet Fitness and are surprised with an opportunity that will change their lives forever.

When Nigel Lythgoe, Nick Cooper and Antonina Armato hear a song in the studio, they are not impressed. Nigel says, “It sounded like a bag load of cats being thrown off the Empire State Building.”

Rajiv Dhall, the lead singer, explains to the camera, that they were super nervous and it wasn’t reflective of their quality of work. The four boy-band are all under the age of twenty. It’s time to toughen up!

Nick is asked to work with Rajiv to assist his breath control and pitch problems. But, does Nick have enough time to get the band up to par? He only has four days.

Stay tuned tonight for the whole story. Will TwentyForSeven be an opening act?

Opening Act airs on E! Monday 10/9C

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