‘Opening Act’ Recap: Joy Island

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On Opening Act, Nigel Lythgoe, producer of American Idol, and his artist development team look for talent to open for LMFAO. The acquisition team is comprised of Martina McBride, Jason Derulo, Pete Wentz, Antonina Armato, and Nick Cooper.

Joy Island, originally from Boxford, Massachusetts, is the hopeful opener for LMFAO. Olivia goes to each of the band member’s home to surprise them. She tells them that they are going to Orlando to open for LMFAO.

Bri, the DJ, is a sassy party girl with a wild fro. Josh is the lead vocalist and Johnny is the drummer.

Joy Island decides to drive from Massachusetts to L.A. in their white pimped out van. Olivia tells them they have to be in L.A. in three days.

With just 28 hours remaining to get to L.A. the van breaks down. Of course, the band members have been partying it up along the way, which has slowed them down. They finally get the car running again but they lose 7 hours waiting on repairs.

They get a little cocky now that they’re back on the road and take a detour to Vegas. With just five hours to get to L.A. they continue the party in Vegas.

By the time they finally get to L.A. they are very late. Nigel asks the band, “Are you always late for your gigs?” He’s extremely upset. But, once Joy Island starts playing Nigel loosens up and feels the music. He loves their style.

Nick Cooper tries to boost their performance but he feels that the band is being disrespectful. He didn’t like that they were late, he didn’t like that they seemed lukewarm to his suggestions, and he didn’t like the fact that they thought they knew everything. The band thinks Nick is too uptight.

Rock Mafia meets with Joy Island at the recording studio and it’s not a pretty sight. Bri is totally messing up. She has a few lines to say in the song and the timing is all off. Tim James of Rock Mafia isn’t sure she’s going to work out.

Antonina sets up a meeting with Bri and Samantha Ronson, a pro DJ. Samantha asks Bri why she wants to be in the band and Bri’s response is, “The attention.” Bri clearly isn’t serious about being a musician; she just wants the lights, camera and action.

That night the band goes out and parties hard. They park their van illegally and it gets towed. Bri gets stumbling drunk and the guys pick up on girls. Hangover city is right around the corner.

It’s two days until the opening with LMFAO. They have a rehearsal with Nick. He wants to see 100 percent, but honestly he’ll be lucky to get 50 percent effort. Nigel decides to come and watch the rehearsal too. Nigel thinks the new song and energy is boring. Nick asks Nigel, “What’s the one thing missing with Joy Island?” Nigel answers, “Talent.”

Nigel’s comment hits the core of Joy Island. Bri decides to step up her game and finally get serious about being a band member or the band may blow their big chance. She seeks out Antonina for help. She finally wants to be a good DJ and prove everyone wrong. Danny, at Rock Mafia, is a DJ and he shows her a few tricks. Hopefully it’s enough.

It’s the day before the opening act with LMFAO and Joy Island heads to Orlando, by plane. They arrive on time but they don’t feel ready. They schedule a short rehearsal at a studio, but Bri’s equipment is already at the venue so she can’t practice anymore.

With one hour before the show the band gets their hair and makeup done. Showtime has arrived. The song is good. Song two – the crowd feels it. Bri gets the timing down for her scratching and voice.

LMFAO comes back stage to congratulate Joy Island. Joy Island kicks back and watches the rest of the concert from the front row.

Will Joy Island make it? Were they good enough?

Opening Act airs on E! Monday’s 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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