‘Opening Act’ Recap: TwentyforSeven

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On the second show of Opening Act, Nigel Lythgoe and his talent acquisition team scout the internet for a possible opener for Gym Class Heros. They will only have five days to prepare for the opportunity of a lifetime. Martina McBride is on the acquisition team along with Jason Derulo, Pete Wentz, Antonina Armato, Tim James, and Nick Cooper.

TwentyforSeven is in the running for the opener. The team, as usual, picks two possible openers. By one vote TwentyforSeven is chosen. Nick Cooper says if he was given a week with TwentyforSeven he could make them great.

Olivia Lee flies to Detroit and surprises the 4-person boy band, all under 21 years of age, as they work out at Planet Fitness. They think they are being filmed for a local commercial for the fitness center. Then Olivia plays the video of Gym Class Heros asking TwentyforSeven to open for them in El Paso at Fort Bliss. They are in shock!

Corey-the drummer, Mat-bass and back-up vocals, Blake-lead guitar, and Rajiv-lead singer need to fly to Hollywood right away and begin their transformation.

All the parents meet at the Dhall’s home to hear the fantastic news. The parents seem excited except for the Dhall’s. They appear frustrated and almost casual about the opportunity.

The band arrives in Hollywood to meet the acquisition team and prepare for the opening act. Nigel asks the band to sing right away. Rajiv Dhall is super nervous and it shows in his face and voice. When he hits the high notes Nigel says, “It sounds like a bag load of cats being thrown off the Empire State Building.”

As Rajiv works with Nick Cooper, voice coach, he says Rajiv is somewhat like Arielle in that he is lacking confidence. He asks Rajiv about his parents and their support. It’s obvious that Rajiv’s father has not supported his pursuit of music to date. His mother wanted him to be a lawyer and they both felt like he was wasting his time.

Nick has his work cut out for him. He only has a couple of days to work out the confidence issues. The band is supportive of Rajiv and wants success. Rajiv needs to believe in himself.

As a bonus confidence builder Olivia takes the boys to Guitar Center on Sunset Strip in Hollywood and surprises them with top of the line instruments. Then Anthony Franco steps in to boost their style with some new threads. These boys should be feeling pretty good about now.

It’s game day and TwentyforSeven heads off to El Paso to open for Gym Class Heros. Rajiv has gained some confidence, thanks to Nick. His voice has relaxed and he is breathing into the words.

The band opens with I Kissed the Girl, a Katy Perry song. The audience loves it and so does Rajiv’s father. He finally looks proud of his son. Rajiv finally lets loose and sings well. His voice and movements are somewhat like Enrique Iglesias-handsome and suave. He may blossom into a star with all this exposure and confidence. Keep an eye out for TwentyforSeven.

Next week Lady Gaga needs an Opening Act on E! Monday’s 10 pm ET/PT.

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