“Oprah” and “Gayle” Make A “Sex Tape”–With A Lot Of Help From Hustler Magazine

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When Oprah Winfrey swore, in her recent interview with Barbara Walters, that she was not a lesbian in any way, shape, or form, the suits at Hustler must not have been watching.  Or, maybe they found Oprah’s tearful insistence that she and her long-time BFF, Gayle King, were just close friends so boring that they just had to liven things up.   So they decided to produce their own infinitely more exciting version of Oprah’s and Gayle’s strictly platonic relationship.  Of course, in the Hustler version, their relationship isn’t platonic.  It’s definitely sapphic.  And although they’re still BFFs, they’re more like LBFFs with lots of benefits.

According to TMZ, Hustler has found two Oprah and Gayle “not-really-lookalikes” to portray the famous gal pals in “an XXX-rated re-imagining of their friendship.”  In other words, they’re making a porno movie about the relationship Oprah and Gayle would have if Oprah and Gayle were lesbians.  Which, of course, they’re not.   Apparently, porn star, Misty Stone, who has been cast as “Oprah,” is, unlike the real talk show powerhouse, a real lesbian.  Bella Moretti will play her bosom buddy, “Gayle.”   And although Moretti’s true sexual orientation is unknown, it can be safely assumed that she’s at  least bisexual.

No mention has been made thus far as to who (if anyone) has snagged the decidedly minor role of “Steadman.”

The adult feature, cleverly entitled “Untrue Hollywood Stories:  Oprah,” is scheduled for release in January.

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