Oprah Winfrey Lawsuit: TV Host & OWN Network Sued for Sex Discrimination

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An Oprah Winfrey lawsuit has begun against the talk show host and OWN Network. Winfrey and the network are part of a lawsuit filed recently by an employee alleging she was discriminated against after taking a medical leave due to pregnancy. The lawsuit was filed just this past Friday in Los Angeles and could net the former employee millions, if it is successful.

The TMZ.com website reported on Saturday that former employee, Carolyn Hommel, filed the suit against Oprah and the network this past Friday. Basically, the suit alleges that Hommel was eventually replaced by someone brought in as a “temporary employee” while she was on medical leave. She was actually terminated a month after she gave birth to her daughter just last year. Hommel also believes her immediate boss fabricated a performance review so that she couldn’t get a promotion she was once told she would be qualified for.

The suit is claiming that Hommel was dismissed due to becoming pregnant and needing a medical leave. As of this report, the damages she is seeking are “unspecified.” However, one would have to believe it’s for a hefty sum, considering who the lawsuit has been filed against.

Oprah is worth millions, and one would expect the network may have a bit of cash on hand, even though it has reported having some trouble with ratings. A recent Lance Armstrong confession interview may have boosted OWN’s ratings slightly, at least for that televised time period.

Stay tuned, as one former employee may be in to receive quite a sum, should the lawsuit be judged in her favor!

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