Oprah Winfrey’s Ralph Lauren Interview is One of Her Final Eight

One of Oprah Winfrey’s final eight interviews was with Ralph Lauren! The usually camera and interview shy designer made an impressive exception for the Talk Show Queen. Ralph didn’t just give the usual interview; he allowed her the opportunity to peer inside and outside his private Telluride ranch. This was something Lauren has never done with any other interviewer.

The hour-long Oprah interview will air on Wednesday, May 18. This will be Lauren’s first television interview in nearly two decades. Seriously, that just about tell everyone how important Winfrey is when it comes to the élite, rich and famous.

In a press release, Harpo Productions states, “The hour is sure to make television viewers feel as though they have stepped inside a Ralph Lauren advertisement.”

One shouldn’t expect anything less when it comes to a get together of such epic proportions. Only Oprah Winfrey would be able to nab a Ralph Lauren interview during her final season. There’s not another talk show host or hostess that would be able to have that kind of pull.

Fans of the media mogul are going bonkers for more. Seriously, one fan even used an “Oprah excuse” to get out of jury duty and while the list of celebrities only gets grander, one has to wonder what’s next? How does Oprah top her interview with Chaz Bono about his sex change? By interviewing Ralph Lauren, who will she interview to top him? Fans are just going to have to wait and see.

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