Oprah’s 25th Kicks Off – Focused on Viewers

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It is hard to believe that it has been twenty-five years since Oprah Winfrey began her syndicated talk show, but today, September 13th, marks the start of the twenty-fifth year for the series, and it also marks the start of the final season for the talk show. Oprah Winfrey announced this was the end of the road for her syndicated talk show quite some time ago. The end has just finally arrived.

Throughout this final season, Oprah is looking to turn the focus of the series onto those that have made the series the success it is today. Those are the viewers that supported “The Oprah Winfrey Show” by tuning in each and every weekday the series aired over the last twenty-five years,

Oprah said the following in a recent interview with the Associated Press about the final season of her series: “This year you will see lots of surprises for other people, dreams coming true for other people, really honoring the essence of what has made this show work for the past 25 years and that’s the viewer. The last season is a celebration of the past 24 years. For me, it is about holding a place of reverence and honor for the people who made this possible for me: that would be the viewers.”

The first week of Oprah’s 25th season is filled with surprise celebrity guests including a visit with The Judds. Oprah will also interview Bethany Storro. This is the woman that had acid thrown in her face. A visit back to Williamson, West Virginia is also planned for Wednesday’s show. It is this location that Oprah visited in 1987 to discuss AIDS with the town’s residents. The week will wrap-up with her first Book Club announcement on the series in a year. This week’s pick will be “The Deep End of the Ocean” by Jacquelyn Mitchard.

It seems Oprah is promising fans one big send off this season to round out her time with the series. Twenty-five years is a long time. Some might say that they grew up with “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Check your local listings for when the series airs in your area to catch the twenty-fifth season. For the latest in television news, go here.

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